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About us

Sisters Marinda and Milo Filk are the driving forces behind real estate agency Filk Estates.
With more than 10 years of experience in the Spanish real estate industry, they know exactly what it takes to sell or buy a property for the best price.

Already at the age of twenty Milo moved to Spain to marry her Spanish love Eduardo. Together they lived and worked in Malaga, Mijas and Marbella. Always related to the real estate industry. Milo as a broker, Eduardo as a real estate lawyer. After supervising hundreds of successful transactions, Milo decided to change course and start her own business with business partner and sister Marinda. Her extensive knowledge of Spanish regulations, administrative aftercare (links to aftercare) and fluent Spanish language skills ensure a lightning fast result.

Marinda lived in the Netherlands until five years ago and, as a project developer, has bought and sold many properties in the Amsterdam region and on the Costa del Sol. Along with running multiple major refurbishments this provides an extensive knowledge of the Spanish property market, regulations and developing potential opportunities.

Marinda and Milo are the ideal sparring partners for realizing your Spanish dream!

In Spain, the regulations regarding sales and purchase are different than in the Netherlands and this requires a thorough approach. Fernando and Eduardo’s office have the correct knowledge to thoroughly examine every purchase and to provide financial and legal assistance. This way your purchase goes smoothly.

A reliable contractor, an agency for furnishing your new home and a rental company? Filk Estates will help you!

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