Your own property on the Costa del Sol

Are you looking for your home under the Spanish sun or an investment property? The housing market in Spain is different from that in other countries. We know the places and neighborhoods that are interesting to invest in. Because we are fully aware of the market, we always find an object that meets your wishes!


Did you know….A property in Spain becomes even more attractive because you no longer have to pay wealth tax since September 21, 2022!

Buying a house abroad can be exciting, for example because of the language barrier and knowledge of Spanish tax rules. That is why we do everything we can to take care of you as much as possible. What are the steps to take when buying a home?

1. An introductory meeting, remotely or in person

We will meet you at a time that suits you. Here we discuss all wishes, your situation and we get a good picture of the object to be purchased. Is there a click? Let’s go for it!

2. Search, select and view houses

You can already orientate yourself on the market via our website. We actively search and take into account the purpose of the search. A dream house? Or an investment project? We make a list of interesting properties that we can view together in Spain.


No time to come to Spain? Then we can also show the house by video calling. Afterwards you will receive a video of the house to check it out at home.


Please note, very important: Never plan a viewing yourself (without a real estate agency)! In Spain this can save you a lot of money!

3. Purchase, paperwork and… receive the key!

Found your dream home on the Costa del Sol? Our adequate partners will help you with the tax and legal aspects. The purchase procedure is as follows:

  • Signing the reservation contract
    • This is a contract to reserve the property
  • Payment of the deposit when both parties have signed
    • This amount varies between €3,000 and €6,000
  • Signing a power of attorney
    • In Spain, a power of attorney costs approximately between €200 and €300
  • Apply for a NIE number
    • This is a Spanish tax number and costs approximately €250
  • The law firm checks all documents and you pay half of the purchase amount
  • Demonstrating where the money comes from and signing a money laundering form. This is a KYC form
  • A payment of 10% of the purchase amount
    • This is two weeks after signing the reservation contract
  • Pay the final invoice sent by the lawyer
  • Signing the title deeds at the Spanish notary
  • And then… receive the key and enjoy your new dream home on the Costa!

Does this sound like an administrative nightmare?
In reality, it is not that bad. We guide you through the entire process and make sure you know exactly when and what to do. A purchase process can often be completed from A to Z in a few weeks!

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