Mark Janssen

“Filk Estates has done great work with the purchase of my beautiful property on the Costa del Sol. The Spanish regulations make it pretty difficult to get started alone but the ladies, who have lived there since years, really know every little rule!

I really had the feeling that I wasn’t alone in this and they took all of my worries away. In conclusion, a real recommendation!”

Monica & Peter Jones

“Marinda and Milo were extremely helpful with the sale of our property. They took the stress out the sale of our house and made the whole process very easy. They always gave us an honest opinion and guided us through the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to get them to sell our house next time.”

Emma Lewis

“Milo & Marinda were great to deal with when buying my first home. They had great advice and always put in extra work. I would highly recommend Filk Estates when buying or selling a house.”

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