Everything arranged quickly with the all-in-one package!

We understand better than anyone that buying a house abroad can involve many uncertainties. Not only the language that you may not yet know can cause confusion, things also work differently in Spain than in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we have been around for many years and we know exactly how things are arranged in Spain! With a power of attorney* we can arrange the following matters!

Rental licenses

If you want to buy a property in Spain and then rent it out, a so-called rental permit is required. It is not possible to rent out your home without this permit.

Internet, security and utilities

In Spain, squatters have much more rights than in other countries. That’s why an alarm is always a good idea. We can take care of arranging the right alarm center and the system, but also arranging and installing the internet, gas, water and light. Handy if you are not in Spain at that time but want to have the house up and running, for example to be able to rent it out quickly. The lawyer will also take care of making the arrangements with the gas, electricity and water companies.

Insurance and taxes

Home contents insurance, car insurance or other insurance? We find the insurance company that suits you best and can immediately activate the direct debit so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Interior and rental company

If you buy a property in Spain and want to rent it out, we know a hip & reliable company that can take care of the furnishing and rental of your property. Kalter & Kalter is a large furnishing agency in the Netherlands. Kalter & Kalter Holidays ( is a rental platform for homes in Malaga and the Spanish branch of Kalter & Kalter ( Take a look at both websites and see what Kalter & Kalter can do for you. Or download the flyer here.

* What is the power of attorney used for

• Signing for the transfer of the house if you cannot be present yourself.
• Being able to request certain documents or certificates
• Arrange and pay the various taxes and insurances
• Have the utilities such as gas, water and light connected and domiciled
• Possibly opening a Spanish bank account

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